Skeet Shoot

The Skeet Shoot is fun activity where men and boys get together and shoot shotguns. We use the skeet shoot teach gun safety and it is an opportunity to minister to the men and boys in our community.

CO2 Cars

Thrilling and exciting race that only last seconds are CO2 cars. Adults from HHBC help kids build and decorate their race cars. It is great time to minister to kids and parents as they build and race their cars.

For more information about our CO2 car race day please contact Matt Hale at

Easter Breakfast

The men of HHBC will cook breakfast for the church on Easter Sunday. It is a great time to eat and fellowship as men.

Fish Fry

Bring your fryers and lawn chairs and join the men of HHBC as we fry fish for the church and friends. More information on our next fish fry please contact Chad Korsmeyer at

Monthly Fellowship Dinner

Men in our church and community come to together monthly to fellowship and study God’s Word together and share a meal. More information on the Summer Bible Study please contact Pastor Steve Hogard at